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In addition to the CBO Regulation on the BCSB System, your knowledge in the following Laws and Regulation will help you organize your transactions and dealing with banks and financial institutions. 

Banking Law 114/2000
Article 70 describes the exceptions where licensed banks and financial institution can disclose the banking business of their customers to 3rd parties.

CBO Circular BM 983
This Regulation describes what types of credit facilities could be considered as Personal Loans.

CBO Circular BM 1030
This Regulation streamlines the process of the ChequeReturn System which is called as the Caution List and how it will affect your future transactions.

CBO Circular BM 1043
ThisRegulation requires all banks and financial institutions to establish a Redressal System to handle complaints of their customers systematically.

CBO Circular BM 1089
This Regulation describes the restriction on overdraft facilities to salaried employees.

CBO Circular BM 1093
This Regulation provides restriction on interest and charges on personal loans.