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Complaint Management System

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Complaint Management System
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This is a sub system of the BCSB system.The Complaint Management System (CMS) has been implemented allowing the borrowers to make complaints on the details of credit facilities (CF) displayed in the Credit Information Reports (CIR) issued by the BCSB system to a bank or financial institution (member institution).

A complaint can be made on the following two scenarios only;

i. If a CF displayed in the CIR is not related to the borrower,
ii. If the details of CF/s displayed in the CIR are incorrect.

It is possible that banks and financial institutions (member institutions) will make mistakes unknowingly or may not update the status of information regularly as required. Sometimes, member institutions are not aware of these errors until and unless it is brought to their notice by a borrower. This system will facilitate to rectify such mistakes/errors within a reasonable time period.

Also, the CMS will help maintain the higher standards of data quality and integrity of information provided by CBO. It is envisaged that the member institutions will be extremely careful while reporting the data to the system as borrowers have access to the copy of their CIR.