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Participating Institutions

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Participating Institutions
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Following are the participating institutions (member institutions) which are the banks and finance & leasing companies regulated by Central Bank of Oman. They provide information on their borrowers and receive credit information reports from the BCSB system.

Commercial Banks (Local)
1. Ahli Bank
2. Bank Dhofar
3. Bank Muscat
4.Bank Sohar
5. HSBC Bank Oman
6. National Bank of Oman
7. Oman Arab Bank

Commercial Banks (Foreign)
1.Bank Meli Iran
2. Bank of Baroda
3.Bank of Beirut
4. Bank Saderat Iran
5. Habib Bank Ltd
6.National Bank of Abu Dhabi
7. Qatar National Bank
8. Standard Chartered Bank
9.State Bank of India

Specialized Banks (Local)
1. OmanDevelopmentBank
2.OmanHousing Bank

Islamic Banks (Local)
1. Al Izz Bank
2. Bank Nizwa

Finance & Leasing Companies (Local)
1.Al Omaniya Financial Co.
2.Muscat Finance Co.
3.Oman Orix Leasing Co.
4.National Finance Co.
5.Taggeer Finance Co.
6.United Finance Co.