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Who can obtain a CIR?

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Only the banks and finance & leasing companies (member institutions) which are regulated by CBO are eligible to obtain CIRs from the BCSB system. They should not obtain CIRs to be used by their subsidiaries, associates or any other person. As provided in the CBO Regulation (BM/REG/53/9/2011), they must observe strict confidentiality of information available in CIRs and data provided to the BCSB system.

(In addition, CBO may provide CIRs to a very few selected Government Non-profit organizations on request to  help Omani SMEs)

Member institutions are allowed to obtain CIRs only for two purposes:

1. To assess credit worthiness of existing borrowers / guarantors and prospective borrowers who have submitted applications for credit facilities and prospective guarantors whose names are included as guarantors in applications for credit facilities.
2. To review the credit standing and status of existing borrowers/guarantors.

If the borrowers and guarantors come to know that their CIRs are used for any other purpose or any other person, a complaint may be made to CBO. (“User Inquiry History for Last 6 Months” section in the CIR provides the types of the member institutions which have accessed your CIR and the purpose).

Also, the borrowers are eligible to receive a copy of the CIR from a member institution free of charge. (Refer to theCopy of Your CIRorComplaint Management System pages for the procedure)

According to the CBO Regulation, consent of the person concerned is not required either to report the data to the BCSB system or obtain CIRs from the BCSB system.