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Credit Information Report (CIR)

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Credit Information Report (CIR)
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When a borrower receive a copy of the credit information report (ECIR) and disagree with any of the details of credit facilities (CF) displayed therein, a complaint can be made to the BCSB system of CBO through the bank or the financial institution.

After registering a complaint, a borrower can request for a Self-Inquiry Report (SIR). In order to generate this report, bank or financial institution (member institution) should enter the Complaint ID number. Else the SIR will not be generated by the system.

Either you can download the particular form [Self-Inquiry Report (SIR) Form] from this website or request the member institution which made the complaint to download a form for you. Fill the form properly and hand it over with identity document, if requested, to the same member institution.

Then the member institution will generate, through the system, a SIR. Corporate entities should properly authorize individuals to take CIR copies of the entities as member institutions will handover copies of SIRs after verification of identity and authorization.

SIR will display the names of member institutions which have granted such CFs appearing in the SIR, irrespective of whether the CFs are performing or non-performing. Borrowers are encouraged to contact the reporting institution for rectification of errors, if any.

Both the application (Form)and SIR should be handed over to the recipient FREE of CHARGE.